Nash is love, Nash is life. Nashtron is everyone. He is you, he is me, he is part of us all. We all need to accept our lord and savior Nashtron in our lives.

<Worldracer99> It hurts so much, but I do it for Nash


Nashtron aka Nash is a joint sockpuppet account created by four users, legofanyoda, legocityfan119, cat1948, and Klintrin. It was used for trolling the LEGO Message Boards, until it was banned. He is a very popular user and is well known for having more than 1,100 likes received within 3 days, having less than 250 posts. His posts were filled with innuendo. He was banned 3 days after his birth. But Nash is a Nashdra. Thus, he spawned two more accounts. After their ban, four more accounts arose to take their place. Among those are HSANDE and THE_KRAGLE. Today, Nash continues undercover with his secret trolling operations, unknown to the public. He is one of the three Bade Grammer Führers, the other two being Marshal6000 and Dylan6765, his brother.